1/A. Feed cutting, mixing and distributing carriage for German export and home.
Type: "GOLIAT"
For export: WERNER DAWEKE G. m. b. H.
Germany, Warendorf

1/B. Circular truss cutter
        Sludge mixing machine

Double winding apparatus loaded in truck. Frey und Weische G. m. b. H., Chile

"Super Jumbo" winding apparatus for oscillated winding.


Belt conveyor with sliding-bed: HENKLE Uzchgorod 
2. Belt conveyors with sliding-bed.

Our references:
UNILEVER Rt., Nyírbátor Factory
HENKEL Hungary Ltd., Szolnok Factory

Belt conveyors with sliding-bed., Henkel Magyarország Kft., Szolnok

3. Power-driven roller tables
Free- wheeling roller tables, steel band winding machines

Our references:
UNILEVER Rt., Nyírbátor Factory
INTERSPAN Wood Industry Ltd. Vásárosnamény

Frey und Weische, Germany

Power-driven roller table undet loading. Frey und Weische G. m. b. H.

Power-driven roller table system loaded in truck.
Frey und Weische G. m. b. H.


Switches for conveyor belts, Czeh Republic "CZ Strakonylce". 
4. One-track, double-track medium-size comveyor belt: types "KE", "KK".

export to the Czeh Republic.

5. Shelf system for high clearance warehouses
"BIG-BAG" system

UNILEVER Rt. Nyírbátor Factory

 Shelf system for high clearance warehouses;
Interspan Faipari Rt.; Vásárosnamény


Hidraulikus rakodógép részegysége; Cegép Rt. , Cegléd
6. Manufacture of sub-units, parts
Sprocket chain, roller chain.
With hardener, ground pins, cases, rollers; hot riveted.

Reference: RÉDLER chain
                    INTERSPAN Wood Industry Ltd., Vásárosnamény

7. Manufacture of steel structures for foreign, home market
Reference: RASCHEN + BISCHOPING G. m. b. H.
                    Germany, Gelsenkirschen

                    THYSSEN CRUPP AG.
                    Germany, Witten, Finnentropp, Eichen
VAI. Technometroll G. m. b .H. Metallurgical equipment.

Reference: AUCHAN Supermarket, Üllõ
Manufacture of welded steel structure.

Steel structure, Nitrogen Works, Pét.

Demonstration film
8. Super-Jumbo band steel winding equipment(from strip coil into oscillated coil)

9. Rubber-belted conveyors, roller conveyors with rollers and drums produced by us 

TVM, Szolnok 

10. Production of conveyor-hauling devices according to the customer’s documentation

Níro' St Ltd.

11. Production of chain conveyor according to the customer’s documentation or our own design
Demonstration film
12. Oszcillált csévélõ berendezés
Silco Minõségi Acéltermékek ZRt