Our Company

Name of the company: TERMASCHINEN Construction, Manufacture and Assembly of Industrial Equipment Ltd.
Company seat::   4400 Nyíregyháza, Rákóczi út 102. Hungary
 Telephone numbers: /36/ 42/500-436,  /36/ 42/500-437
  Fax:    /36/ 42/311-288
  E-mail: termaschinen@t-online.hu


Legal form of the company: Limited Liability Company

The owner of the company:János Terdik  and BILBOARD BT. Nyíregyháza

Managing director : János Terdik
Previous positions: - MEZÕGÉP Nyíregyháza: technical deputy general manager
                                    - HAFE Nyíregyháza:   manager
                                    - EURO - ZOLCSÁK Ltd. Nyíregyháza: managing director

Qualification: ISO 9001-2000


Professional composition:

1. Owners:                   János Terdik   75%
                                      BILBOARD BT.  25%

2. Organisation:           Members' Meeting
                                       Managing Director
Main accountant          Production manager          Main consructor

                                1. Turner:              5 persons
                                2. Structure fitter  12 persons
                                3. Welder:             5 persons
                                4. Shot-blasting:   1 persons
                                5. Painter:              1 persons
                                6. Cutting-off:         4 persons

3. Capacity:
                              Machine Cutting: 2000 hours/mont
                              Metal work:          70 tons/month
                              Co-operation:      unlimited, since the company seat is located on the earlier premises of MEZÕGÉP Company where our capacity may be increased by additional NC, CNC machining equipment..


The property of the TERMASCINEN Ltd. is located on the central of the former MEZÕGÉP Company, Nyíregyháza, Rákóczi Street.

The area of the real property:        Land: 18.000 m2
                                                          Buildings: 2.000 m2

Machinery of the company:
- Alligator shears: DL-16
- Eccentric press: SD-80
- Eccentric press: SD-100
- OP-shears
- Frame saw: KF-250
- Band saw:
- Radial drilling machine: RF-30
- Column drill: OF-2
- Universal milling machine: UF-232
- Universal lathe: E-400/1.500
- Universal lathe: E2N/1.000
- Universal lathe: MVE-280 x 3.000
- Horizontal lathe: HV-63
- Side-and-face grinder: SU-250 x 700
- Plain grinder: C16 620 x 1.000
- CO2 welding machine: HEGA-350
- CO2 welding machine: MIG-400
- CO2 welding machine: MIG-MAG-360
- Welding transformer: 450 A
- Plasma cutter
- Shot-blasting machine
- Flame cutting equipment and other hand tools and tools required for machine manufacturing.


Construction:    computer-aided using AUTO-CAD system.
                           The main constructor is the former main constructor of MEZÕGÉP Company.

Manufacture: by means of the company's own equipment, but supplemented with wide range of home and foreign co-operating connections.

Assembly: both at home and abroad.
In addition to the above, we undertake to fulfil individual orders for manufacturing complete machines, sub-units or parts.